Christmas Lights

James loves Christmas lights! He can say it reasonably well and he loves to point them all out and talk about all the different colors. We are really enjoying this holiday season with him as he discovers new things and … Read More

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving at the Shenk house this year was awesome! We had Auntie Jen (Jill’s best friend) here from Florida, the food was delicious, the fireplace was going, and football was on! What more could we want?! Oh wait, there was … Read More

Grandpa Landers

The Shenk Family said goodbye to Grandpa Landers on Saturday. After getting laid off from his construction job and losing the housing they provided for him, Grandpa came to stay with us in June 2009. It’s been great spending time … Read More


This year, we dressed our little punkin as… a pumpkin! Seeing as how “pumpkin” was his favorite thing to say for the whole month of October, we knew he would love being one. Pretty darn cute!!  

Pumpkin Patch

James discovered his love for pumpkins this year. He learned to say “pumpkin” and would happily point out every one he saw, no matter how big or small. So, we took him to the pumpkin patch and let him pick … Read More


This one doesn’t have any pictures. It’s just an update to tell you that pictures are coming. We’ve just been so busy lately! We took a fast weekend trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and then Jill … Read More

From our garden

For the first time ever, the Shenk Family is growing their own food. Woo hoo! Unfortunately, we’re not very good at it… yet! (Here’s hoping that experience will be the best teacher next spring.) We had a small amount of … Read More

Taking a Hike

The Shenk Family celebrated the 5th of July (wait, is that not the right day?) by taking a hike up in the beautiful mountains near our house. Our great friend, Norm, is visiting us again and so we had to … Read More

The Cozy Coupe

Apparently, Chris’s obsession with cars (and yes, it IS an obsession) started at a fairly young age. There are stories of the obvious matchbox car love, something about sleeping with a tire, and the first car he could drive- the … Read More

Shenk Family Reunion

Our Shenk Family took a weekend trip to Harrisonburg, Virginia to meet up with other Shenk Families to celebrate being one big Shenk Family. Dan and Naomi Shenk did an incredible job hosting and ensuring that a good time was … Read More