Saying Goodbye

After eight amazing years full of adventure, hiking, camping, mountains, changing seasons, and exploration, we said goodbye to our lovely little house and the great state of Utah. Our little family has so many fond memories of our time there … Read More

Better Late Than Never

At this year’s Shenk Family Reunion in June, we let the big news slip about our upcoming move to Florida. Aunt Jewel and Uncle JC hurriedly planned a trip out to see us in late August and we were so … Read More

Red Rocks and Ray

Ray LaMontagne is my favorite singer. If you’ve never heard of him, then please go get some of his music here and you can thank me profusely later. He’s amazing. Red Rocks is a fantastic outdoor amphitheater just outside of … Read More

Timpanogos, Take Two

I’m sure you are all hoping for details of the big move, but this isn’t that post. We are backtracking and covering some awesome events that happened while we were still in Utah in the next few posts. You will … Read More

Our Biggest Adventure Yet!

In spring of 2006, Chris and I sold his house, put most of our stuff in storage, and moved to Utah. It seemed like a great idea at the time. We could see the West and enjoy the outdoors.  Welcome … Read More

Summer Fun

The Shenk Family has had another great summer full of fun adventures. Here are some of them consolidated into one easy post. It’s mostly pictures. Of James. As usual. So, enjoy! Enjoying a picnic in the mountains Chef James preps … Read More

Road Trippin’ Across the USA

Every two years, the John and Emily Shenk Family has a reunion over the summer. This year, it was being hosted by Dan and Naomi Shenk in Harrisonburg, Virginia. We love going to these reunions and look forward to them, … Read More

Snippets of James

After we returned from our Florida trip, we had just a few weeks of down time before gearing up for the big road trip across America. (Stay tuned for that post.) Here are some of the fun bits that happened, … Read More

Fun in the Sun(shine) State

In May, we made our annual trip to Florida to enjoy visiting with friends, family, and hot, sunny days. We are always so grateful to everyone who makes time to come and see us and we love getting together and … Read More

A Mother’s Day Song

James’ preschool does a little Mother’s Day program each year where they sing a song and present the mothers with a plant and some interesting answers to a questionnaire that the kids fill out. It’s hilarious to hear what they … Read More