Surprise! It’s Chattanooga!

For my birthday this year, Chris and my dear friend, Stacy, planned a surprise girls’ weekend in Chattanooga. It was awesome and I was truly surprised by the whole thing! Stacy and I enjoy a lot of the same activities, … Read More

Renaissance Fun

When I was in junior high, my friend, Tanya, and I would go to the Bay Area Renaissance Festival every year and we loved it! Once we were back in Florida, I couldn’t wait to take Chris and James and … Read More

A Spring Medley

Now that it’s fall, let’s look back at some fun times from this past spring. We are not in Utah anymore. A fantastic present from GrandPoppa for the kid who loves to dig in the dirt! Working on his soccer … Read More

A Lego Birthday Party, Of Course!

James loves Legos. So, naturally, he opted for a Lego-themed birthday party. He was thrilled to have a big birthday party this year with lots of friends and family, so thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate our … Read More

James Turns 6!

On his official 6th birthday, February 27, 2015, James got to pick almost everything about his special day. He started out his day getting his present from Mom and Dad– a new, fuzzy robe! He insists on wearing it with … Read More

Let the Birthday Fun Begin!

There will be a few posts covering the annual celebration of James’ birth (it’s quite an event) and so this one will start things off. Chris’s parents were unfortunately going to be out of town for James’ birthday this year, … Read More

Florida State Fair

Growing up in Tampa, our family made an annual tradition of going to the Florida State Fair. I have such fond memories of so much time spent there with my parents, and then with friends in high school, and after … Read More

The Happiest Place on Earth

When in Orlando… go to Disney!  As a family, we decided that we would forgo individual Christmas gifts to each other this year, and instead get annual passes to Disney World. Now that we are officially Florida residents, it’s a … Read More