James’ Christmas Program

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Hope those of you who celebrate Christmas have a wonderful one! Here is the video of James’ Christmas program through his preschool. I have edited it down to less than 15 minutes. You’re welcome. Enjoy!

A Thanksgiving Day Miracle

I have never been a fan of running for fun. I’ll run for my life, if necessary, but I never really got the appeal of just running. Mostly, I still don’t. I do, however, love a challenge and so I … Read More

It’s Batman!

Now that it’s almost Christmas, I suppose I should post our Halloween pictures. Guess I’m just a little behind… This year, James has developed an interest in superheroes and he asked if he could be Batman for Halloween. Once he … Read More

In-laws and an Anniversary

While James and I were in San Francisco, Chris welcomed his parents, Richard & Cindy, back to Utah.  They got to enjoy a couple days of fun with their son alone before James and I returned and it was all … Read More

A San Francisco Treat

One of my dearest friends, Ty, has been my friend since we were 9 or so and this friendship remains one of the greatest gifts in my life. Frankly, she knows too much for me to let her out of … Read More

Fall Fun!

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and this one has been particularly nice here in Utah. We have had such beautiful colors and the weather has been unseasonably warm which is keeping everyone outside as much as possible before … Read More


Every year at Snowbird Ski Resort, they have a great Octoberfest celebration. The setting is gorgeous and this year we went towards the end so the fall color was amazing! Our friend, Kelli, joined us and she and Chris definitely … Read More

Happy Birthday, Leo!

How can you not love this face?! Our awesome dog, Leo, was a stray at the shelter, so we don’t know his actual birthday and as such, we decided to celebrate his birthday on the day we adopted him, October … Read More

Odds and Ends

There are some cute recent pictures that didn’t really warrant a post of their own. So, I decided to throw together a little miscellaneous post with all of them. Enjoy the randomness. Chris taught James how to blow in the … Read More