A New Kind of Adventure

It appears that today is National Siblings Day, and as such, it seemed the perfect day to share with you some exciting news– James is going to have a sibling! 
We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting a little girl around the end of September! 
Here she is at about 13 weeks.
Many of you may know that we have struggled with fertility issues pretty much our entire marriage. Before having James, we struggled with the inability to get pregnant and tried many available methods with no success. James truly was a miracle baby. 
After having James, getting pregnant was no longer the problem, staying pregnant was. Our hearts broke over five miscarriages in six years. Chris and I began to feel that perhaps having another child was not our destiny and we were coming to terms with that. Having more love to give other children is what led us to fostering. 
This little girl is quite a surprise and another miracle in our life that we couldn’t be more excited about or more grateful for. We look forward to a whole new world of adventures with this little one!