Surprise! It’s Chattanooga!

For my birthday this year, Chris and my dear friend, Stacy, planned a surprise girls’ weekend in Chattanooga. It was awesome and I was truly surprised by the whole thing! Stacy and I enjoy a lot of the same activities, like hiking, eating, water-based adventures like kayaking and now white-water rafting, and especially photography. Stacy Paul is an amazing photographer (see and I enjoy learning from her as often as I can, and we both love to just take our time wandering through nature and taking pictures as we go. That is pretty much what we spent the weekend doing. And eating. We like to eat. And maybe drink a little, but there’s no evidence of that so I’m confessing to nothing. So, I’ll just say we had a great time and I can’t wait to do it again!
We started out the weekend at the Rock City Gardens. It was a rainy weekend, but the lovely cool, misty kind that is one of my favorites and it made for such an interesting background to the pictures. 
We spent Saturday enjoying a beautiful trail off the beaten path and enjoyed some brief bits of sunshine. 
The lovely Stacy enjoying a fantastic view.
Stacy takes me to the best places! Look at this trail, I was in heaven!
Sunday morning we went white-water rafting. It was cold and rainy and I loved every second of it! Can’t you tell by the ridiculous grin on my face?!
Closing out the weekend overlooking Chattanooga and a gorgeous sunset. Thanks so much, Chris and Stacy, for such an awesome birthday gift. I’m a lucky girl to have you both!