Turning 39 in Pennsylvania

For Chris’s 39th birthday, he opted for a short weekend getaway to Bucks County, Pennsylvania to visit one of his favorite people, Aunt Alice. He and Aunt Alice have a special bond, and after the unexpected loss of Uncle Mike just after Christmas 2017, it was extra important to make a special visit so we could all enjoy some time with her.  
Ellie gets reacquainted with Aunt Alice.
Our sweet girl turned 7 months old on the day we arrived. 
We flew in on Friday morning, grabbed some lunch, and headed straight over to Aunt Alice’s place in Holland. Her home is so lovely and cozy, and Chris has many fond memories of time spent there during his childhood. 
Tiny buds show spring is in the air in Aunt Alice’s garden.
Beautiful flowers about to bloom.

One of his favorite memories was how he and Aunt Alice used to go for drives and try to get lost. So, we got in the car, headed out to see the countryside, and tried to get lost. 

While driving through the Wrightstown area, we spied this enormous piece of equipment.
It looked so much like the famous “Mary Anne” from Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel that we had to stop.
Our journey ended at Giggleberry Fair where James enjoyed having the place pretty much to himself, and he could be as silly as he liked.
Saturday brought us a beautiful day to enjoy the Washington Crossing area. We explored the Washington Crossing Historic Park, crossed the Delaware River (unlike George, we used a car and a bridge), and had a delicious lunch at the Washington Crossing Inn
James and Aunt Alice taking in some American history.
A gorgeous day for exploration and learning!
James and Aunt Alice at the beautiful Washington Crossing Inn. It was one of Mike and Alice’s favorite restaurants.
I’m stealing some snuggle time while Ellie is in the Ergo carrier. 
No visit to PA would be complete for Chris without a trip to Tanner Brothers Dairy Farm for their homemade ice cream. A few years back, we discovered a pretty great playground just down the road from there so we headed there to let James run off some of his endless energy. And being James, he made a friend while there that he still corresponds with using good old-fashioned letter writing!
King of the playground. At least until that storm arrived.
Not quite ready for the playground yet, so she hung out with us.
Hanging out with Aunt Alice at the playground. 
All that fun leaves Ellie tuckered out.
Sibling silliness while we wait for our yummy dinner at Indian Garden.
Sunday was Chris’s birthday, and we were so busy having fun and celebrating his awesomeness that we didn’t take any pictures. So I guess you’ll just have to take my word for it. 
His special day started with a fantastic breakfast at The Turning Point where the worst part about it was trying to decide between all of the amazing options! Then, we headed over for some hangout time at Aunt Alice’s. She was kind enough to offer to watch the kids for us so Chris and I could enjoy some birthday date activities. We got a couples massage and then went out to dinner at Porterhouse Restaurant & Pub where we enjoyed some delicious steak and a fantastic view of the scenic countryside. It would have been perfect for Chris if we could have made it to Tanner Brothers for more ice cream, but the timing just didn’t work. Next time, babe!
Thanks so much to Aunt Alice for such a great weekend. We are all looking forward to our next visit!
Taking a break from packing up to hold my sweet girl.
While we are away, Leo enjoys his cuddle time with his best girl, Morgan.