Christmas in July

Well, not really. This was Christmas in December, but you get to read about it in July! 
Our little family had a great Christmas at home this year and tried to focus on time together with fewer presents, feeling that this is what we would like the holidays to be about for us.
December in Florida=picnics in the backyard
Chris lights up our amazing old oak tree. It’s my favorite decoration now.
We found a Florida snowman! Made out of plants. At Disney World. 
Leo, clearly getting into the Christmas spirit.
(This may be my favorite picture of him. Ever!)
Treats out for Santa on Christmas Eve. James’ note reads, “Dear Santa, This cup is full of eggnog not milk. Hope you enjoy it. Love, James.”
A Christmas Eve tradition, reading The Night Before Christmas together.
Santa obviously enjoyed the treats.
His first look at the presents under the tree on Christmas morning.
Santa brought the pogo stick he asked for and Chris is helping him try it out. 
I love how excited he gets about each gift!
Catching sight of his new awesome RC truck from Mom & Dad.
Enthusiastically thanking Dad for the truck. He almost knocked Chris over with this hug!
Leo is pretty psyched about his Christmas present, too! He just shows it differently.
Shenk Family Selfie on Christmas morning 2016.
Already starting in on one of his new books. Love that he loves to read!
My contribution to the Shenk Family Christmas dinner this year was a 5-layer red velvet and cheesecake cake.
This may have been my most ambitious baking endeavor yet.
The finished product decorated with fondant Christmas trees and snowflakes on top.
Pretty and delicious, if I do say so myself! 
“Helping” clean up the icing…
Getting the hang of that new pogo stick at Mimi & Papa’s.
Chris on bass. Corey on ukulele. Taylor in the middle wondering how she got stuck there. 🙂
Enjoying a post-Christmas visit with Abuela.
My heart. Love this amazing man!