June 2018- Shenk Family Reunion

Every two years, the direct progeny of Chris’s grandparents, John & Emily Shenk, gather together for a family reunion weekend. Sometimes they are held in Florida and sometimes they are in Virginia. Last summer, the reunion was in Virginia and we traveled north in our little RV to hang out with everyone and hear all of the very detailed and only slightly exaggerated Shenk stories. It was also such a fun time introducing Ellie to everyone!
What?! Am I not supposed to be chewing on this?
A beautiful day in Harrisonburg.
About to head down the hill for an epic wagon run.
Meeting her cousin, Jack. He was so super sweet with her! 
Me and my beautiful niece, Hope. She loves me. What can I say? I’m fun Aunt Jill!
Leo was partying pretty hard himself.
No Shenk Family Reunion would be complete without music. Chris joined in this year on his acoustic bass. 
Mimi helps Ellie stick her feet in the water.
Ellie is not so sure about those funny faces Roger is making.
Caught James standing still for one whole moment and grabbed a picture with my sweet boy.
Hope and I took on Taylor and Jackson in corn-hole. Don’t remember who won, so I’m going to pretend it was us!
Chris making his girls laugh.
Ellie and Taylor swinging in the hammock
Kodey and James in some kind of wrestling match. I think James is losing.
I love this picture of Hope and Ellie!
Gary, Milton, and Chris jammin’
Once again, Ellie’s face looks unconvinced but she was genuinely charmed by Gary.  
The young people got a good game of volleyball going. James was so excited!
Hope and Taylor. Favorite cousins. 
Man, I love this kid so much. What an amazing heart he has!
Ellie hitches a ride with Papa. I think he let her steer! 
Me and my gorgeous happy girl. 
The Richard Shenk Family 
Every family reunion there is a table full of pictures that everyone is free to peruse and take should they so desire. Finding this gem was worth every mile of that drive. 
This picture is A.MAZING!