A Summary of Spring

Not to be confused with “a summery spring”, which we didn’t really have. This past spring in Florida was quite nice weather-wise. 
This summer, however… UGH! But that’s another post.
While super grateful and excited to be pregnant again, I am not a person who has an easy time of it. In the first trimester, especially, I was pretty sick and so our adventures were severely limited. 
Here are some of the highlights!
This is our sweet baby girl at 10 weeks. 
Chris and I had a weekend trip to Savannah planned to celebrate our 13th dateaversary before we knew about our little surprise baby. While I certainly didn’t feel good, I decided to rally as best as I could and give it a go anyway. It was not the weekend I had hoped for, but we still managed to enjoy it. Pictures were definitely not a priority, though. Taking a bubble bath in the antique claw-foot tub and sitting in on a history lecture in the beautiful sitting room of our B&B were highlights for me, while Chris really enjoyed walking through the many beautiful squares in the Historic District.
It’s such a beautiful city with so much history, and I love the tree-lined squares!
We stayed at the gorgeous Kehoe House and it was fantastic! Our room was lovely and the location was perfect.
Scrumptious breakfast delivered to our room every morning? Yes, please!
A quiet courtyard outside our B&B was a great place to enjoy some delicious rolled ice cream.
Enjoying a walk along the Savannah River.
We always enjoy visits with friends and family who come into town.
James and his buddy, Declan. Their combined energy level could power a small city.
Tanya and I celebrating our two miracle babies! 
Uncle Dan and James cracking up about something. I have no idea what.
In April, I celebrated my 38th birthday with a day at the Epcot Flower & Garden Festival with my two favorite people.
Chris took James to a “paint your own pottery” place and he made me a beautiful mug for my birthday. I love it!
He painted a happy face at the bottom so it’s always waiting for me when the coffee is gone. I smile every time I see it.
Spring also meant time in the backyard and the pool, and an added bonus for James– a new treehouse!
We have a gopher tortoise residing in our backyard and sometimes he stops by to say hello. 
James and Grandpa hard at work on the base of the new treehouse.
It surrounds the tree without being attached to the tree (except for one small bit of the ladder). 
James is becoming quite the little carpenter. 
The treehouse is finished! 
One morning I found he had taken a camp chair up there and was reading in it. 💖
He’s also happy to read on the back patio while Chris works from home. 
Love his creativity! He took a leftover Costco box and made it a jet. 
Putting him to work in the kitchen making some yummy French toast. It’s never too early to learn how to cook!
It’s always nice to me to get away somewhere for Mother’s Day. Feels like more of a holiday that way. This year, since I still wasn’t feeling up to much, we opted to just head to a nice Disney resort where Chris and James could play in the pool all day and I could lounge in a chair and have food and drinks brought to me. Win win! James had been asking to stay at the Beach Club Resort for a while entirely based on the pool. It’s called Stormalong Bay and is 3 acres of pools, some of which have real sand on the bottom, a lazy river, and the highlight of which is the giant pirate ship with a water slide. Why not?!
The blue hotel in the background is ours and you can see the pirate ship to the left. 
James and I just relaxing on a swing outside the hotel.
Family swing selfie!
Chris’s mom, Cindy, came to celebrate Mother’s Day with us there
and James shared his latest book with her at bedtime.
Even the ice cream looks like a mouse. This place is so on theme.
Enjoying a less-crowded weekday at the Magic Kingdom.
James meets up with the Main Street Fire Chief and gets recruited.
Our friend, Jess, was kind enough to take Leo for the weekend and he apparently spent the whole time playing with her awesome dog, Morgan. When we got him back, he was one pooped puppy. Thanks again, Jess!
He stayed like this for about 3 hours!