March 2019

March of 2019 saw Chris move up to Vermont to start his new job, while the kids and I stayed behind to get everything packed up and say goodbye to so many friends and family in Florida. It was a crazy, busy month and despite the large number of pictures in this post, it is still only a fraction of what went on.
Enjoying our last days as annual passholders at Disney World pretending to be a Jedi.
Girls night out with my girl, Jess. I miss her.
Ellie soaks up the warm Florida sunshine from Ms. Stacy’s porch.
Making new friends with Abigail. Wish we could stay and play longer.
Matching pajamas are just my favorite.
Moving to New England requires some additions to our wardrobes.
Ellie is always happy to spend time playing with her cousin, Taylor.
James and I got to enjoy a date night with dinner and a movie. Adore my sweet boy.
James, Ethan, and Elijah. If it weren’t for the clothes, I’m not sure I would know which one was mine.
Z and Ellie take a goodbye wagon ride together.
Jackson and James are in it to win it. Monopoly is pretty hard-core in our house.
As we began a new adventure in Vermont, our beloved trailer began a new adventure in Georgia with someone else.
Knowing we were heading out of Florida, the C Family threw together a last-minute Spring Break holiday at our place. It was a bummer that Chris wouldn’t be with us, but we found a way to have some fun anyway.
Ellie loves to charm people into reading books to her and Aunt Kerri was happy to oblige.
Evie couldn’t wait for Ellie to wake up from her nap so they could play together. Ellie just wanted to read in bed.
Stealing some snuggles from my sweet Evie girl.
Evie is so happy to be with Ellie she will hold any part of her she can, even a foot. It is just too cute.
We spent a day out on the water courtesy of Mimi & Papa. Don’t we look so happy?!
Mads looks like a natural lover of the boating life. So chill.
Aunt Sue and Mils are all smiles on the water.
My boy loves to take a turn driving the boat. Actually, he loves to drive pretty much anything!
Kerri and Gracie, ever so relaxed.
Leo is no exception to enjoying time on the water.
That whole wonderful C Family!
Ellie couldn’t wait for Papa to take her up on the boat.
Evie gets some love from her new “Mimi”.
Ellie and Evie play together and it makes my heart so happy!
Celebrating Evie’s third birthday in matching(ish) dresses that I made for them.
Pool time at the party.
This sweet thing loves her “lamby”, and I love that little fountain on her head.
Ellie convinces another of her fans, Ms. Jess this time, to read her a book.
James and Quinn. Best buds.
Tanya and I enjoying a reunion at the Bay Area Renaissance Festival,
which we attended together many times when we were growing up.
James looks forward to this feat of strength each year
and this was the year he finally rang the bell! Way to go!
James and Declan participated in a sword-fighting show.
They flipped about on these trampoline contraptions.
And they rode an elephant. Feels like a pretty good day for these two.
James and Declan. Best pals and so very alike.
After three weeks in Vermont, Chris came home to help with the final bits of moving. Ellie can’t quite believe he’s back…
Ellie and Jess coordinate outfits for our last walk around the neighborhood.
Uncle Kai & Aunt Kristi surprise James with a new Switch game
to entertain him on the long drive north. We miss you both!
Crazy Unka Dave and Aunta Larcy have their own little nugget on the way and
we wish we weren’t going to miss it! Love you guys!
Enjoying our last meal together at Cafe Rio for a while.
Moving Day.
Getting ready to leave this house for the last time with just enough stuff to hold us over until the moving truck arrives.
Look out, Vermont! The Traveling Shenks are on their way!