May 2019- Settling into Vermont

Spring weather appeared in May, and after unpacking and getting settled a bit in our little apartment, we were ready to head out and explore our new state. We started with our little town of Winooski, only one square mile, but with a beautiful river running through it. 
Winooski River
Ellie finds a dandelion growing near the river walk.
My tween’s life- playing a video game with headphones on and phone next to him.
But, no matter how big he gets, he will remain my baby. 
Somebody got some spiffy new specs!
Ellie continues to love books. 
As does James.
Our little Gator girl also loves to ride her little bike. Move your feet, she’s rough!
Enjoying dinner outside at the Mule Bar in Winooski. Gotta love delicious places you can walk to. 
I super love their matching stripes and matching poses. 
Checking out the area’s playgrounds. On the hunt for our favorite… 
Ellie’s face is telling me this one is not the winner.
Our Mother’s Day tradition is to spend the weekend away somewhere relatively low-key, where the focus is on spending relaxing time together. For this trip, we were lucky enough to find an incredible old house built in 1780 in Shaftsbury, Vermont, about 2 1/2 hours south of our place. It sat on 140 acres that we were free to explore, with hiking trails and a little creek winding through. Heaven. 
The landscape as we drove south was just beautiful.
How inviting is this little place?! It was so quintessentially Vermont and I loved it instantly.
This beautiful old barn was also on the property.
Happy to have room to use some of that boundless energy.
Off we go! Exploring the wooded trails on the property.
Curly Top loves being outside.
Dad’s turn to explore with Ellie.
A happy Momma with her kiddos amongst the trees.
The apple blossoms were blooming and they were lovely.
Leo found a sunny patch of grass to lie in and was quite content.
James went exploring down by the creek.
You could hear the sounds from this beauty while sitting in the backyard. 
Love to see these two play together.
Gorgeous light filtered through the trees. 
My beautiful boy.
My beautiful girl.
Happy Mother’s Day to me!
Ellie and I are taking in the view.
This kid is always cracking me up. 
My love. Who is also always cracking me up.
Delicious Mother’s Day breakfast at an old diner. And yes, they are wearing matching shirts. 😍
Coloring with Daddy. 
Our family loves to be outside and when the weather started to get super lovely, we found the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail and went for a walk. (We will return to this trail with our bikes in the future.)
Little Miss is too cool for this walk with those shades.
Fun family walk enjoying nature has to include Leo.
Same walk? Perfectly in sync…
Big red barns are a Vermont staple. Easy to see why.
Our quest for the best playground continues. This one was very close to our apartment and ranked pretty high.
Have I mentioned that my kiddos love reading?