A Shenk Family Wedding

Chris’s brother, Matt, got married in October to the lovely Ayesha, and I was honored to be asked to serve as the wedding photographer. The wedding was scheduled for a Friday night on the beach, but unfortunately, Hurricane Matthew (the irony of its name was lost on no one) caused some last-minute changes. The venue was changed to Orlando to reduce traveling and the date was moved to Sunday night to ensure the storm had passed and rain would hopefully not be a factor. As stressful as all of ┬áthis must have been for them, the wedding turned out gorgeous! The weather was beautiful, the location was great, and in the end, they were married amongst their friends and family, which was the most important part.
Brothers, Richard and Dan, share a laugh.
Matt’s son, Jackson, escorts Ayesha to the aisle.
Ayesha and her father, Kulbir.
No wedding is complete without a selfie these days. My favorite part is Jackson’s face.
Uncle Dan served as the officiant and, as always, he was wonderful.
Ayesha’s dog, Bodhi, served as the ring bearer.
A newly-enlarged family of Shenks.
The new Matt Shenk Family- Hope, Matt, Ayesha, and Jackson.
Sharing a dance while watching a video Matt made for Ayesha.
James and Jackson take a spin on the dance floor.
Marriage certificate complete! It’s official!