September 2018

September of 2018 brought two fun adventures about– Jill went to Costa Rica and Ellie turned one! This post doesn’t cover either of those things. 
This one is an overview of the normal life occurring in the rest of the month, fantastic in its own way. 
Fun times in the pool with GrandPoppa.
Fun times playing “Speak Out” with Unka Dave. 
Fun times taking the alligator clacker for a walk about the house.
James and I entered our fifth year of homeschooling together. It’s been such a great opportunity to spend time learning and growing together and as long as it continues to work for both of us, we will remain homeschoolers.
First day of school! 
Working on a chemistry experiment in the kitchen. (It wasn’t the cake in the background.)
James took on painting like the masters this year, including Picasso. 
His version of Boy in Sailor Suit with Butterfly Net. We were super proud of his work!
Chris’s father, Richard, turned 70 on September 9 and they threw a fantastic birthday party for him at their house in Satellite Beach. I was honored to make three different cakes for the party guests to enjoy. 
Happy birthday, Richard! We love you!
The white cake that is Richard’s favorite.
Carrot cake with spiced pecans on top. 
The chocolate cake.
Taylor and Ellie. Love these beautiful girls. 
James and Jackson found a private dining table on the boat.
After dinner relaxation time. 
Our little family! 
James participated in a river cleanup with his friend, Quinn. 
Ellie “helped” with the laundry. Look at that face!
Ellie loves Leo. He is still figuring out their relationship.
Apparently, getting inside the toy basket is the first step to fun with toys.
Silly times with the door between them. She thinks he is the funniest human.
James shares his video game/iPad creations with Chris. They look so alike in this picture!
Leo gets some comfy snuggle time in with Mr. Eli.
Our little Gator girl.
This little peanut is about to be one, but thankfully she’s still too small for Dad’s hat. 

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