Please check back in the future, as this page is a work in progress.

Dream Come True

In 2012, I was lucky enough to be able to buy one of my dream cars. I had always wanted a BMW, specifically a 3-series (see the Cars page). An M3 is considered the “ultimate” 3-series, but I like straight-sixes and turbos. I also specifically wanted a sedan, with its handy extra doors. Personally, I think the E46 is the best-looking 3-series; the E90 is a close second. Also, I personally think the twin-turbo N54 engine is one of the best BMW ever created.

My 2008 BMW E90 335i 6MT

Personalization Begins

After eight years of ownership and adding about 100k miles, I am finally beginning to personalize it. This page will chronicle those updates.


Custom intake for the 335i