A Bit of This and That

Here’s a few snapshots from various adventures and happenings around the Shenk house this spring. Enjoy!
James pretends to be an “old man with a cane”
Chris and Jill celebrate the tenth anniversary of their first date!
James learns proper burger-flipping technique
We find a buffalo in a nearby field. Wild West, indeed!
Jill turns 35 and celebrates with her favorite boys
(Chris not pictured)
James goes to a bouncy-house play place
and charms all the moms 
Chris gets a new bike and James tests how
long it will be before he can steal it
(he can’t reach the handlebars, I think Chris is safe)
James begins the important process of learning
how to throw a football correctly
James pretends to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
The tree in our front yard blooms and spring has arrived!