A Dinner Party Gone Awry

Jill’s best friend since high school, Jen, comes out to visit us regularly and James loves it when “Auntie Jen” is here!
On this visit, we decided to have a little dinner party with our friends, Chris and Kerri, and their girls, Gracie and Mads, and enjoy the lovely summer weather. Unfortunately, Jill tried to cut her finger off while chopping fresh basil (that she grew herself, which somehow makes it slightly better). It looked like it would need a couple stitches (four, in fact) so a trip to the ER ensued. Not the dinner party we were imagining.
Apparently, the dinner was still delicious (insert tasty finger jokes here). Here’s hoping that the next time we all get to sit down to dinner together…

Awkwardly enjoying the dinner while Jill is at the ER with Jen
Putting on her “I wish I didn’t feel so stupid right now, but don’t worry about me” face
James and his Auntie Jen on a happier day