Camping Close to Home

While we love to explore pretty much everywhere, sometimes it is nice to stay closer to home. At the end of July, we spent a weekend at Wasatch Mountain State Park, which is about 40 miles from our house. What a beautiful area!
A lovely bit of sunshine peeping through
We spent some time just relaxing at the campsite and spending time together.
Chris and James play catch with velcro pads and a tennis ball
On Saturday, Chris’s friend, Prajit, brought his new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk up so we could do some off-roading together. 
Perspective is everything. My car (left) looks puny in this picture!
In reality, they are not that different in size (she tries to convince herself). His is just much newer, nicer, and with more bells and whistles.  😉
One of the best parts of camping is the nighttime campfire. We love to just relax around it at night and enjoy being outside. S’mores don’t hurt either.
Leo thinks he’s a lap dog 
Sunday morning we went for a hike and stumbled across one of the best views I have ever seen! It was a cloudy, rainy day, but it was totally worth it!
Leo insists on leading the way
Who wouldn’t hike through rain to see this??
We remain ever grateful to live in such an amazing place with the opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature at her finest.