Christmas Lights

James loves Christmas lights! He can say it reasonably well and he loves to point them all out and talk about all the different colors. We are really enjoying this holiday season with him as he discovers new things and learns new words every day. Last night, we took a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Holiday Lights display at Thanksgiving Point (Thanks, Pop) and James was mesmerized. First it was the “horsey” pulling the carriage, then the lights themselves, and then he discovered the carriage wheel just below (of course). After the carriage ride, we checked out the reindeer on loan here from Santa. James was done after about 2 minutes and ready for the next thing. I guess if Rudolph isn’t there, he’s just not that interested.

Our chariot awaits

James held on the entire ride!

Can’t believe how many lights there are!

Checking out the reindeer

Getting a lift back to the car