Happy Birthday, Leo!

How can you not love this face?!
Our awesome dog, Leo, was a stray at the shelter, so we don’t know his actual birthday and as such, we decided to celebrate his birthday on the day we adopted him, October 4th. When we got him, they estimated he was about a year old, so we consider this his 2nd birthday. Yay, Leo! I baked him a little doggie birthday cake (all natural, with peanut butter and carrots) and he got two new bones! For a dog, I’m pretty sure it was the best day ever. 
That’s right, we put in a candle and sang to our dog. 
Chris gave him a little taste to see if he liked it.
James wanted a little taste even though we warned him it
wasn’t like the cake he gets for his birthday.
Getting the rest of the cake to himself.
His new bone from us. He’s a heavy chewer so we get
industrial-strength bones. 
James gives him his bone from GrandPoppa Pelt.
Leo says “Thanks”!