Hibernation Mode

2011 is here and the Utah Shenks are in “hibernation mode”, just hanging out at home watching a lot of football and working around the house. As such, nothing has really seemed worth blogging about, so this is just a little update on what we’ve been up to.
James has officially left the high chair and has upgraded to a cushy booster seat at the table. He is super excited about this and refers to it as “James’ chair”. It’s a nice change from the fighting that used to occur just to get him to sit in the high chair!

Ready to eat!

We have been very excited to see that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ended this season with 10 wins! Way to go, Bucs! It would have been even better if we had actually gotten to see more than one game this year, but with their record improving this year, here’s hoping it will bode well for next year’s TV schedule. Fingers crossed! Either way, James is ready in his new team jersey.

Go Bucs!

We hope that 2011 is starting off well for all of you and continues to be a great year for all of our friends and family!