In-laws and an Anniversary

While James and I were in San Francisco, Chris welcomed his parents, Richard & Cindy, back to Utah.  They got to enjoy a couple days of fun with their son alone before James and I returned and it was all about the grandkid. We all enjoy their visits, but James especially loves spending time with his Mimi and Papa!
Chris took his parents off-roading in the mountains to enjoy the
view and the lovely fall colors
Not a bad view…
Richard and Cindy took turns trying out my bike while Chris was making some repairs on it. You can’t help but smile when you’re on that fun, lime green cruiser. 🙂

Papa and James share some Cheerios
Chutes and Ladders, fun for all ages!
James loves to do crafts so I always try to pick up a little project for him to do with R & C when they are in town. Sometimes he keeps them, sometimes they do. Little memories… 
James and Papa working on their wooden pirate ship 
James paints a birdhouse with Mimi since she collects them
The following weekend was our ninth wedding anniversary and we celebrated with a night away in a cabin at Sundance Resort ( We have done that for a couple other anniversaries and we love it. Their restaurant, The Tree Room (, is our favorite place to eat. The food is amazing and the atmosphere is just cozy and romantic and lovely. Sunday morning, we had a delicious brunch at the Foundry Grill ( that requires wearing stretchy pants. So yummy!
Sitting on the porch at our cabin. Happy Anniversary to us! 
All dressed up for dinner