It’s Batman!

Now that it’s almost Christmas, I suppose I should post our Halloween pictures. Guess I’m just a little behind…
This year, James has developed an interest in superheroes and he asked if he could be Batman for Halloween. Once he makes up his mind about his costume, he really doesn’t waver from that. It’s a done deal. That’s super helpful because I don’t have to wait until the last minute to get a costume and once I get one, I don’t have to worry he’s going to change his mind 3 days before Halloween. Whew! The weather was pretty nice here this year and so we were able to enjoy trick-or-treating around the neighborhood early and then hand out candy once we got home. We were very proud of how well James used his manners, always saying “thank you” and then shouting “Happy Halloween!” as he ran down the driveway so excited to tell us what candy he had just received. The best part, however, was that every time they answered the door for him, they would say, “Oh, it’s Batman!” or something like that, and at one point James comes to me and says, “Mom, can you believe it?! They think I’m the real Batman!! They don’t know I’m just James!” Hands down, the greatest part of Halloween this year. Love him!!
Our little Batman
“Are you really going to make me go out dressed as Underdog?”
James started singing into the scooper. Hilarious!
Getting out the gunk 
He wasn’t afraid to use his hands.
Chris and James carving his pumpkin together
He loved the way it turned out!
James’ pumpkin (designed by him)
Chris and Jill’s pumpkin