Let the Birthday Fun Begin!

There will be a few posts covering the annual celebration of James’ birth (it’s quite an event) and so this one will start things off.
Chris’s parents were unfortunately going to be out of town for James’ birthday this year, so we spent a special day celebrating together before they left. James got to pick the activity and he chose… bowling! We all went to Downtown Disney and bowled, followed by a special lunch at T.Rex and some window shopping at the Lego store. It was a great day!
Chris helps James get the right moves
James and Papa
Looks like it’s gonna be a strike!
Love my sweet boy!
Let’s see if this contraption helps. (It does.)
James and Mimi
Special lunch at T.Rex. Check out his sweet hat! Which he will wear for weeks.
A dessert meant to look like dirt with worms in it.
He enjoyed it way more than this face would suggest.
Upon hearing of his birthday celebration, Goofy called James
at a Downtown Disney store to tell him “Happy Birthday!”
It was really cool and he was thrilled! Nice job, cast members!
Riding the carousel with Mimi.
Horses are too mundane, let’s go with the one that spins!
Getting started on the awesome Lego Technic set from
Mimi and Papa. Thanks, guys!
It’s finished! This kid is some kind of a Lego whiz.