Odds and Ends

There are some cute recent pictures that didn’t really warrant a post of their own. So, I decided to throw together a little miscellaneous post with all of them. Enjoy the randomness.
Chris taught James how to blow in the bottle.
So great having multiple pictures of your child
 with a beer bottle in his hand.
Chris and James built this box together in the workshop.
He’s super excited about it!
A boy who loves “mighty machines”
can’t resist an opportunity such as this.
James went to a pirate-themed camp one day.
The beard makes me giggle. 
Love those big brown eyes!
Chris took James to a Disney Junior live show downtown
 and they took the train. James was clearly
 thrilled when it arrived. 
I love these sweet moments with James and Leo.
They are usually followed by raucous playing and screaming. 
He still loves to drive his car, and takes it very seriously,
as you can see from his expression.  
Leo is ready for the Bucs to win a game. Any game. 
They found that they had accidentally dressed alike.
How cute are they?!