Saying Goodbye

After eight amazing years full of adventure, hiking, camping, mountains, changing seasons, and exploration, we said goodbye to our lovely little house and the great state of Utah. Our little family has so many fond memories of our time there and it will always be such a special place to us, but we are moving on to new adventures and a new kind of life in Orlando, Florida.
We were so lucky to have such a wonderful home.
Saying goodbye to Utah meant saying goodbye to some amazing people we were fortunate to call our friends. James will especially miss his “very best friend, Mirai” who lived next door for his entire time there.
Mirai and James playing together as babies.
Mirai and James the day we moved out (taken before the crying started).
Once we sold our house, we planned on living in our little travel trailer for a couple of weeks while Chris finished up working. Our friends, Chris and Kerri, were unbelievably generous and opened up their home to us to stay in until we moved. We had such a great time there and enjoyed spending so much time all together. Kerri and I took the kids on some great adventures up in the mountains to enjoy the fall leaves.
What a great road to drive on!
I love that Gracie brings a purse to the woods.
James finds a stick.
I’m going to miss these spectacular views.
My sweet boy.
Autumn at its most stunning.
Mads, Gracie, and James on a nature walk.
Beautiful day for a hike.
Always so happy to be outside. Love him!!
We spent one last afternoon enjoying the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. You guys know I love those gardens. It’s just such a peaceful and beautiful place to wander. If you are ever in that area, please make sure you check it out.
I’m relaxing on a bench while James runs through the grass.
Chris and Kerri have an awesome dog, Hercules, whom Leo was very sad to say farewell to. They spent all their time together playing and fighting over toys and then snuggling together. So cute!!
Love these dogs. They are so sweet together.
Chris’s parents, Richard & Cindy, were nice enough to come out to Utah to help move us to Florida. We had too much stuff for just one truck so we needed an additional driver. Two trucks with car carriers, my Jeep with the travel trailer, and their car made for quite the caravan. A few days crossing the country and we were no longer residents of Utah.
Enjoying one last trip to the mountains.
James got a “moving buddy”. He was ecstatic!
That’s a lot of crap. (The second truck wasn’t entirely full. Just sayin.)