Sew Little Time, Sew Many Projects

Gotta love a good pun! I’m wondering how many of those I can make work on posts in the future…
Sewing projects continue to be my hobby of choice. I love giving them out as gifts and have not yet run out of friends and family to take them whether they like them or not enjoy them. Here are some pictures of ones I have made over the last few months.
As you will see, I stick with what works. This bag pattern has lent itself to quite a few different designs and they all came out so cute! I can say that because they were all gifts. I didn’t keep them. I mean I wanted to, but I didn’t.



This pattern is great for beginning sewers as well. I had a great time helping my niece, Hope, create a bag of her own. She picked out her own fabrics, learned to cut the fabric with a rotary cutter, and sewed the bag together herself. It was so much fun for me to share this hobby with her and I can’t wait to tackle another project together soon. Great job, Hope! 
I lined up the ruler and she did the cutting
Learning how to use the sewing machine
The finished product is beautiful!
I was honored to be asked by my dear friend, Heather, to make a baby quilt and crib skirt for her daughter’s nursery. 
The quilt folded up on the rocker
“Thank you for making this awesome quilt for
me to play on, Auntie Jill.”
You’re welcome, gorgeous girl!
After watching Hope and I sewing together, James wanted in on the fun, so one Saturday, he and Jackson had their own little project time. We went to the fabric store and they each chose some soft fleecy fabric to make their very own travel neck pillows. Jackson went with a Tampa Bay Buccaneers print, and James, being so very James, chose a neon leopard print. Because, why not? They each used the sewing machine and stuffed the pillows themselves. James even hand-sewed his pillow closed. He has already been asking for our next project together, so stay tuned for that!
I’m not entirely certain what possessed me to attempt this, but I got this idea to make matching dresses for my amazing friend Kerri’s three little girls for Christmas. I have never made clothes before, let alone dresses with ribbon trim and zippers and such. It was quite a challenge, but I loved it  and I think they came out just darling! I can’t wait to take pictures of the girls wearing them when we see them in August. Adorable! 
Last, but most decidedly not least, I have finally completed the quilt I started for Chris a couple of years ago. I designed it just for him, and he chose the colors and fabric, and then babies kept coming and quilts had to be made, so his got set aside. Now, we have moved to Florida and it is essentially summer, and his lovely, warm quilt is finished. You’re welcome, honey, and yes, I will lower the thermostat every once in a while so you can cover up with it. 
Big enough to cover him completely. 🙂