Summer Fun

The Shenk Family has had another great summer full of fun adventures. Here are some of them consolidated into one easy post. It’s mostly pictures. Of James. As usual. So, enjoy!
Enjoying a picnic in the mountains
Chef James preps the grilled cheese
Devouring some delicious waffles at a farmer’s market #wafflelove
Sprinkler fun in the backyard can’t be beat!
Just swingin’ 
Playground silliness 
Caught this beauty enjoying the flowers in my backyard
This was the view at a local playground we visited. A playground! Amazing!
We still love to visit the Thanksgiving Point Gardens and take advantage of our membership to enjoy the constant rotation of flowers that grow at different points during the seasons. It’s just such a lovely place! 
James likes to run in the big fields of grass
I love to take pictures of flowers
I had never seen this flower before. It’s so unusual and reminded me of fireworks.
This is the largest bee we have ever seen!
James, Leo, and I went for a hike in the mountains during the week and enjoyed the solitude of having it mostly to ourselves.
James wanted to navigate with the trail map
Always a beautiful view everywhere you look
James likes to drag souvenir branches along on our journey
Chris and I went on a date night to his first Broadway-style show, Wicked! It was awesome and he enjoyed it a lot more than he thought he would (which is great news for me to get to go see more shows)!
Our differing heights make for awkwardly posed selfies.
This is me trying to be taller.
In July, we decided to take a little weekend trip down to St. George and spend some time playing in the water. We stayed at the LaQuinta there because we could bring Leo and they have a pool, both major perks. On Sunday, we visited the Sand Hollow State Park and enjoyed the “beach” there. It was really beautiful and everyone enjoyed relaxing and playing in the water, especially Leo. I wish I had pictures of him swimming, but cameras and water don’t mix. You’ll have to trust me, it was adorable.
Playtime in the pool
James happily digging in the sand