The Happiest Place on Earth

When in Orlando… go to Disney! 
As a family, we decided that we would forgo individual Christmas gifts to each other this year, and instead get annual passes to Disney World. Now that we are officially Florida residents, it’s a lot cheaper and we can go whenever we want! It’s so much fun to just go for a few hours and have fun and not be stressed about fitting everything in, plus, we can enjoy going with friends who come to town and want to take in the parks as well. So, come visit us and let’s go to Disney together! 
These pictures were taken at different times over the last few months, and there will be more to come along the way.
These are the very cool Magic Bands we get as pass holders.
They act as your ticket to get in and as your FastPass for rides.
And yes, we each got to pick our own color. 
Celebrating Christmas Florida-style
Tall enough for Space Mountain! Woohoo!!
I paid Disney an obscene amount of money for this picture and it was worth it!
His face is hilarious!!
This one was pretty good, too. Family fun on roller coasters!
Epcot at night, and a bit of a hidden Mickey
He’s not too old yet to fall asleep on Mom after a full day
of Disney fun. I’ll take the snuggles as long as I can!
Riding the rockets with Dad on a beautiful, sunny day
Epcot fun with Auntie Jen! 
James makes friends everywhere he goes.
Watching the train with his new friend, Stitch, that he got
thanks to Uncle Mike and Aunt Alice. 
Has anyone ever looked cooler on a carousel horse?
He insisted on posing with Mater instead of between them both. 
My sweet boy is getting so big!!
On an Animal Kingdom safari with his buddy, Declan.