Timpanogos, Take Two

I’m sure you are all hoping for details of the big move, but this isn’t that post. We are backtracking and covering some awesome events that happened while we were still in Utah in the next few posts. You will just have to wait and suffer through some more pictures of beautiful scenery and fun times.
My friend, Stacy Paul, the amazing photographer I have mentioned before, asked me to climb/drag her up Mt. Timpanogos before we moved. I had vowed never to do that again, having accomplished that feat already, but she is very hard to say no to. So, at the end of August, away we went.
Relaxing at Silver Lake before the big hike
Taking in the amazing wildflowers up at Alta
Mother Nature at her finest
Having come from sea level just a couple days before, Stacy amazed me with her stamina and determination in climbing to 11,000 feet. She was such a trooper and a great hiking companion. We probably could have gotten to the top faster than we did, but we had to stop and take amazing pictures along the way. You are relegated to enjoying iPhone pictures because we weren’t crazy enough to add the weight of good cameras to our trek. The scenery is gorgeous enough that they still turned out pretty beautiful.
Way to go, Stacy!!!
I never tire of seeing a lovely waterfall. 
Proof that I was there! A beautiful day for a hike.
Wildflowers and mountain views on the way down
Borrowed this from Stacy because it’s pretty neat.