September 2019 – Vermont Edition

For most of September of 2019, we continued to explore the places and activities in and around our new home, and we were thrilled to have our beautiful friend, Jess, come for a visit.

Another year of homeschooling begins.
They never “tire” of playgrounds!
So happy his hair was finally long enough for a little ponytail.

Fort Ticonderoga in New York, is less than two hours away, so when they offered up a homeschool day full of lessons and activities, we were totally on board. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we really enjoyed learning about the fort’s role in history and admiring the scenery as well. James will always say his favorite part is the cannons.

That stunning view across the water is Vermont!
Fun, family time at the bowling alley.
Enjoying some play time outside with the B family.
A beautiful sunset view of Lake Champlain.

In mid-September, the village of Stowe puts on a really cool car show called The British Invasion, which is the largest all-British car show in the US with over 600 cars each year. Obviously, we went.

This is my “I really love Land Rovers and want to drive one” face.
He always manages to charm his way into these cars…
When attending a British car show, one should display a bit of British pride.

The amazing Jess came for a visit and we are always so happy to have her around. She is the kind of person that makes you feel seen and heard and loved, and our lives are all richer for her being part of them. I remain ever grateful for her friendship and touched that she values us enough to visit. We played games, explored nature, celebrated OktoberFest at the Von Trapp Brewery, and went apple picking at the Shelburne Orchards.

Gotta love an orchard with a view!
Taking a bite of his first cider donut– a Vermont specialty!
Thanks for coming to see us! We love you!!