April 2019

April of 2019 brought about some pretty big changes for our family. We officially moved to Vermont and Chris and I both celebrated milestone birthdays!
Knowing nothing about the area of Burlington and being a bit shocked at the high housing costs, we took a bit of a risk and rented a 2-BR apartment in the little town of Winooski super close to Chris’s office. In fact, we could see his building from our living room! Apartment living in a (little) city is a new adventure for us and you know we love challenging ourselves… you’ll have to stay tuned to see how it plays out. 
Uncle Dan & Aunt Naomi were kind enough to host us on our drive up north. It’s always so nice to see them. 
Uncle Dan shows off his xylophone skills.
Arriving in Vermont! You can see how happy Ellie is to be on this VERY long road trip…
The light was so beautiful as we came into Vermont. It gave us hope for a fantastic experience here.
The kids check out the view from the new place. 
Such beautiful light flooded the apartment.
What happens when your stuff hasn’t arrived yet and your kids are SUPER bored.
I can’t tell if he’s smiling because he thinks he can pack her up and ship her off, or because it’s just fun to play in boxes…
On April 7, I turned 40. Spending my birthday in a new place with no friends or family to celebrate with, utter chaos in my living space, and cold temperatures outside was not exactly what I had in mind when I envisioned that milestone day. However, my little family is just my favorite and they always make me feel loved and special.
Happy birthday to me!
We spent part of the day driving on the scenic Route 100 that runs north and south the length of Vermont. Chris downloaded a really neat app that used your location to give you fun facts about wherever you were. Such a neat way to learn things about our new area! When we got to Morrisville, we took a short walk on a rails-to-trails path that ran through the little town. 
How cute is this sign?!
My sweet kiddos.
Ellie insisted on walking “in the snow” which was okay because the rest was mud. 
Looking forward to more of these walks when it’s warmer and greener, but I’m always thrilled to be among the trees.
In honor of our big birthdays, we took a weekend trip to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I had never been to Canada before and it turns out we are super close to the border–a half hour. Jinkies.
Montreal is about 1 1/2 – 2 hours away depending on the time spent at the border crossing and it is such a beautiful city. I can see us traveling there pretty often. 
*If you come to visit us, be sure to bring your passport, just in case.
James and I walking through the old section of Montreal. Love the light and color in this picture.
The kids and I in front of the beautiful Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal. 
LOVE this picture of Chris and Ellie. 💕
My sweet loves all bundled up to walk to the viewpoint at Parc du Mont-Royal.
Enjoying a cold spring day hike in the park.
Leave it to James to “need” a walking stick on a paved path.
Shenk Family selfie with the beautiful city of Montreal behind us. 
Back in the real world, we unpacked and settled in to our new life in Vermont. The kids adjusted to sharing a room and we all worked at functioning well together in 1,000 square feet. 
Ellie is always so happy to have her “bubby” play with her.
James and Ellie trying out our new couch. It’s a winner!
James demonstrates his historical knowledge at a vintage store.
Gotta wrap your finger in the phone cord while you chat.
Ellie tries out an antique toddler-sized armchair. So cute, but not going home with us.
James helps Ellie dunk the ball outside our storage unit (1,000 square feet, people!)
Love watching them play together.
My beautiful boy on a walk in our little city along the Winooski River. 
Domestic bliss.
No matter how big he gets, he will always be my baby.
On April 29, Chris turned 40. We got dressed up and had a wonderful dinner at Waterworks, a restaurant right across the street from our apartment that sits on the Winooski River. 
The birthday boy and his sweet kiddos.
Ellie takes in the view of the river and coincidentally Chris’s office building which was an old mill. 
James took this picture of us and I love it so much! Not too bad for 40.