Sew it began…

My paternal grandmother, Nona Landers, made beautiful quilts from her home in West Virginia. She gifted one to my parents and my mother hung it on the wall of my room when I was little. It eventually made its way onto the bed and I loved the feel of it- its weight, the softness of the cotton, the sweet smell. That quilt has been loved quite throughly and with that love and some years on it, it has begun to fall apart a bit. I keep it on a blanket ladder in my sewing room so I can always look at it and I hope to one day be a confident enough quilter to take on repairing it.

Sitting in front of the quilt all ready for my first day of school, August 27, 1984.

After James came into our lives, I was loving being a stay-at-home mom, but was hoping to find a hobby that would give me a creative outlet that I was sorely missing. A local community college offered occasional night classes like cake decorating, pottery, software classes and luckily for me, quilting. I was hooked in an instant and I have been quilting ever since. The first quilt I ever made was for my sweet baby James but I have been gifting them to people ever since (whether they wanted one or not, really).

In February of 2021, I launched an Etsy shop called NonaJByJill to sell my quilts. It has been a wonderful opportunity to share my work with other people in such a craft-centric environment.

A Hobby Unfolds…

These are pictures of most of the quilts I have made over the last twelve years. Hopefully, they will at least provide you with some idea of the work I have done and could do if you have a custom project in mind. Feel free to email me or reach out through my Etsy shop.