Ellie’s First Flight

 In the beginning of December, we took a quick weekend trip to Denver to introduce Ellie to some of our favorite people, Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Jim. Though our visits there never quite seem to be long enough, we are always happy to see them and we got Ellie’s first flight checked off the list at the ripe old age of two months.
Family selfie on the plane. Here we go!
Flying can be so tiring. Here’s hoping she is a kid who can sleep anywhere.
Getting to know her Aunt Charlotte.
Uncertain about meeting that Uncle Jim character…
Having a newborn means I get to catch AMAZING sunrises like this. (Though I may still have chosen sleep.)
Snuggling up with Aunt Charlotte.
James. In his happy place. Digging in the dirt.
So happy to have my girl with me in one of my favorite places.
Being this adorable is exhausting. Love her little bear dress!
Father/son bonding. Which is mostly just silliness and goofing off. Obviously.
A classic James face when I try to take his picture. (insert my eyes rolling here)
Soaking up the beautiful cool weather on the front porch and time with Uncle Jim & Aunt Charlotte.
Daddy and his girl in one of his happy places. On the front porch looking out over Denver.
Thanks for welcoming us into your home, Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Jim. Your hospitality is legendary and we can’t wait to enjoy it again soon!