September 2018- Ellie Turns ONE!

Ellie Shenk, sweet little light of our lives, turned one year old on September 27, 2018.
Her first year was filled with so much love from our friends and family, and we are so grateful to have her happy and healthy and part of our little family.
We did a quick photo shoot outside on her actual birthday and celebrated with a simple backyard party a few days later. Thanks again to all of you that took the time to come and party it up with us in honor of her big day. 💕
Our beautiful girl
Her sweet big brother who adores her.
And is also a silly goober.
How lucky are we?! These two are incredible.
James loves to read to Ellie.
She wants to do everything herself. Little Miss Independence.
Our girl is so big.
Birthday love from Grandpa.
A chocolate cupcake for the birthday girl!
She started off a little hesitant to eat the cupcake,
but it didn’t take long for her to discover she loved it.
Not sure how much cupcake she ingested but her face seems to have caught a bit, and what a face it is.
All dressed up for her big party day.
We rented and decorated a tent to keep everyone together and in the shade. It was a warm, but lovely day.
We hung pictures of Ellie at each month milestone to see how much she has grown.
Our glorious friend, Jess, made this adorable owl fruit tray. Such a sweet labor of love.
Ellie spent time with Z on the trampoline.
She also got to enjoy time in the swing with Ms. Kim.
Her own rainbow smash cake! (don’t worry, she only ate a little bit)
Momma helped her blow out the candle, but the wish was all hers.
Ellie enjoyed discovering the joy of tissue paper in gift bags.
It didn’t take her long to realize there were other goodies in the bag besides the paper.
She loves books!
Happy first birthday, Ellie. We love you so much!