A Mother’s Day Song

James’ preschool does a little Mother’s Day program each year where they sing a song and present the mothers with a plant and some interesting answers to a questionnaire that the kids fill out. It’s hilarious to hear what they say when asked what their mom’s age, favorite food, and her job are. For the record, James said 25 (I’m 35 but I like his answer better), bagel sandwiches (they’re delicious, but it’s pizza), and to be his mom (nailed it!). I wish I had the video, but my phone ran out of room in the middle of recording it so total mom fail there. Here are some cute pictures, courtesy of my fellow preschool mom, Laura W., who remembered her camera.
Mrs. Flack and some of James’ classmates
Singing straight to me. So cute!
James and his sweet, adorable friend, Kate
I am one lucky Momma!