A Thanksgiving Day Miracle

I have never been a fan of running for fun. I’ll run for my life, if necessary, but I never really got the appeal of just running. Mostly, I still don’t. I do, however, love a challenge and so I challenged myself to begin running and train for a 5K. On Thanksgiving Day of 2013, I ran (and finished) my first 5K! I actually got up early on a holiday and went out into the 20-degree weather to run voluntarily. Many of you may need to read that sentence again, but it’s true! I have pictures and witnesses since Chris and James were nice enough to go out and cheer me on. I am as slow as molasses in winter but I still set a personal best time that morning and for that, I am very proud. Plus, I ate a lot of food later pretty guilt-free. Starting the day with exercise gives you a free eating pass for the rest of the day, right?
Smiling because I haven’t run yet and wearing the stylish
“pilgrim” shirt they gave me.
My first racing number.
There’s a little arrow above my head. 
We had Thanksgiving Dinner at our house this year and included a friend of Chris’s from work that doesn’t have any family here. It was a nice, low-key day of eating and watching football. We hope you all enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving as well. 

Thanksgiving 2013