A Weekend at the Lake(s)

Summertime and the living is easy…

We headed down to the Richfield area a few weeks ago to do some camping and explore the Fishlake area. As it turned out, it was still a little too chilly for anyone but Leo to get in the water, but we enjoyed the scenery anyway and Chris spent time teaching James how to skip rocks.

Playing “fetch” with Leo 
Finding just the right kind of stone for skipping. It’s an art…

There are a ton of off-road trails in that area and we enjoyed exploring in the Jeep. We found a beautiful little pond and a field of wildflowers to run in.

Such a lovely place to come upon
MUD! Woohoo!!!
Leave it to James and Leo to find a patch of leftover snow to play in.
Would that I could sit by this river and read all day…
Drive down this road? Why yes, I believe we will!

Heading home on Sunday, we decided to stop off at Yuba Lake and enjoy a little picnic by the water. It was a beautiful, hot day and we all took a dip in the water to cool off. We are so happy to have such wonderful choices in water destinations in the land-locked, desert state of Utah!

What a beautiful place to play!
Enjoying a refreshing orange juice popsicle. You’re not eating it right if it doesn’t drip down your chin…