Better Late Than Never

At this year’s Shenk Family Reunion in June, we let the big news slip about our upcoming move to Florida. Aunt Jewel and Uncle JC hurriedly planned a trip out to see us in late August and we were so thrilled to have them come out before we left. It’s always a great time for us to show visitors what we love about Utah and they were excited to get to see the places in person they had previously seen in our pictures. Aunt Jewel loves to take pictures almost as much as I do and so I did my best to take her to some of the scenic places I enjoy shooting. It was a fun-filled weekend with lots of hiking, mountain views, and abrupt weather changes. We enjoyed warm, sunshiny days, cold rain, and even hail. Never a dull day in Utah!
On Friday, we went up Little Cottonwood Canyon to enjoy the scenic wildflowers that were still showing up on the mountains at Alta. Even though they were past their peak, it was still gorgeous! We also drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon and took a walk around Silver Lake, enjoying the ducks in the water and some noisy woodpeckers in the trees.
Of course everyone should visit Utah and see these sights!
Uncle JC, Aunt Jewel, and James on a hike.
Let’s go see some wildflowers!
The first of many pictures of them in front of beautiful vistas. So cute!
Resting after they “raced” down the trail. James almost won!
“Mom, take my picture in front of the view.” Like I need to be convinced…
Nice to get a picture with Aunt Jewel in it, she’s always behind the camera.
Watching a rainstorm roll in over the mountains 
I love a waterfall!
On Saturday, Chris joined us for a drive up to the Mirror Lake area where we set out to enjoy the beautiful Provo River Falls and have a lovely picnic. The falls were definitely beautiful, however, the picnic involved cold temperatures, blowing winds, and then hail. Everyone was a good sport and we managed to make quite the adventure out of it. 
James insisted they ride in the back with him, and Leo got to join in the fun as well.
Shenk Family at the Provo River Falls
I still love me some waterfalls!
Uncle JC and James enjoying a close-up view
Here comes the rain and snow
Rainy day at Mirror Lake
Found some sunshine on the drive home
On Sunday, we did a great hike up to Stewart Falls and enjoyed a picnic by the water. At the end of the day, we drove up to a viewpoint that looks out over Utah Lake and the whole Utah Valley. It was a great way to end a great weekend. We are so grateful that Uncle JC and Aunt Jewel took the time to come out and visit us and we look forward to enjoying more adventures with them now that we’re back in Florida.
Uncle JC and Aunt Jewel posing with the great Mt. Timpanogos
My favorite boys with my favorite mountain
SO pretty! (Not the last waterfall in this post.)
Sometimes I have no more words for “beautiful mountains”, so there’s that.
Sweet little thistle
Enjoying a beautiful day for a hike
Leo loves the mountains. Can’t you tell? He’s got his happy face on.
Survived the hike and enjoying Stewart Falls
This is the last waterfall in this post… or is it?
Silly time on the rocks in the water
We could see that fall was on its way
Three Shenks at a lookout, feel like there’s a joke
in there somewhere 
Oh, how we miss the fantastic and impressive Mt. Timpanogos
James convinced Uncle JC to join him in playing Legos. He’s very persuasive.
James loved having Aunt Jewel read to him at bedtime