Florida State Fair

Growing up in Tampa, our family made an annual tradition of going to the Florida State Fair. I have such fond memories of so much time spent there with my parents, and then with friends in high school, and after moving back, I couldn’t wait to take Chris and James. It was high time James appreciated the terribly delicious and non-healthy food delights to be had– foot-long corn dogs, elephant ears, handmade fudge, yum! 
Fair family selfie!
This year, we were joined by the Paul family which was especially great so that neither Chris nor I had to ride kiddie rides with James. Woohoo!
Starting him off right with the Giant Slide.
(picture courtesy Stacy Paul Photography)
Checking out the caboose in Cracker Country.
Quinn and James find these far better than I would. They just go in a circle?!
(picture courtesy Stacy Paul Photography)
He loves corn dogs. He’s totally our kid.
Reese, James and Quinn. Adorable friends. Love!!
James’ dream of driving a monster truck fulfilled!
My boys taking a stroll down the Midway. So cute!
The swing ride was one of my favorites as a kid and James loved it as well.
(picture courtesy Stacy Paul Photography)
This picture is my FAVORITE! Have you ever seen anyone have as much fun
on a ride? It’s awesome!!
(picture courtesy Stacy Paul Photography)
I love how it looks like James and Quinn just wandered off together.
(They didn’t.)
(picture courtesy Stacy Paul Photography)
No visit to the fair is complete without seeing all the animals.
(picture courtesy Stacy Paul Photography)