James Turns 6!

On his official 6th birthday, February 27, 2015, James got to pick almost everything about his special day. He started out his day getting his present from Mom and Dad– a new, fuzzy robe! He insists on wearing it with nothing underneath except underpants, so he’s like our own little Hefner. 
Trying on his new robe, complete with room to grow…
He loves to read his birthday cards himself now.
James requested beignets for his birthday breakfast so he and Chris made them together. I just love watching them together.
Getting everything ready. 
Learning to measure out the ingredients
After donning a hat for the occasion (I warned you
you would see it again), James wanted to use cookie
cutters to shape the beignets.
I don’t remember what happened, but I was thrilled
to have caught the surprise on his face at just the right
As it turns out, cookie cutters don’t work well for
beignets, so we went with rectangles. 
James’ favorite job is adding the powdered sugar.
We usually have to remind him that less is more.
Enjoying the amazingly delicious fruits of his labor!
Leo would like to know where his beignets are.
After a scrumptious breakfast, we headed off to Disney World to spend the day doing whatever he wanted. He had a blast being in charge of all the decisions. 
Shenk Family Birthday Selfie! 
Waiting to ride the steamboat. It was a cool, damp day and the park was pretty empty.
Our beautiful, sweet boy is 6!
He has been dying to get his face painted and today he
got his wish!  
James “Buzz Lightyear” Shenk
James got to choose his birthday dinner as well and wanted to have Chinese at Epcot where he could eat with chopsticks. We had a fantastic meal at Nine Dragons restaurant and the waiter was kind enough to teach James the basics of chopsticks. He loved it and we brought them home so he can continue practicing.
A few grains of rice at a time makes for a slow meal, but
it was awesome to watch him try something new.
The waiter brought out a birthday dessert and a card in which he wrote a
message to James in Chinese. It was a really great experience!