Let the Camping Season Begin

Spring comes sooner to southern Utah, so we got our little trailer out of storage and headed to Moab for a fun camping weekend. There’s only so much winter one can take!
It was a very relaxing weekend just spending time together and hiking in the red rocks. It’s so beautiful there! Here’s a few shots to make everyone properly jealous of the beauty that lives just 3 hours from us.

The hike we did on Saturday took us through a canyon with many shallow stream crossings and lots of beautiful little waterfalls and ponds. We ate our picnic lunch next to a little pool that Leo took great advantage of. The day started out a little gray but the sun soon came out and it was gorgeous!
Leo loved fetching the stick from the water.
He was drinking water straight from the waterfall.
Winding our way through the canyon.
Making sand angels, of course.
A boy and his dog. 

 The hike we took on Sunday was just outside of town and ran along the Colorado River. It climbed over 1,000 feet in elevation pretty rapidly but it was worth it. The views were phenomenal. James is becoming a really great hiker and we were so proud of how well he did.

The trail started down by the river so you can see how high we hiked and this picture isn’t taken at the top. 
A large bird soaring overhead in the breeze.
James insisted on being “the leader” and doing it himself.  So independent!
Much happier to hold Mom’s hand on the way down. He was tired.