Pumpkin Patch

James discovered his love for pumpkins this year. He learned to say “pumpkin” and would happily point out every one he saw, no matter how big or small. So, we took him to the pumpkin patch and let him pick out his own little pumpkin. He literally ran through the place shouting “pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin”. It was really funny. You can watch him in the video below and Jill apologizes for talking close to the camera through the whole thing…

Happiness is a pumpkin patch
Getting a closer look    
Trying (and failing) to pick one up
Finding one much more his size
Bringing home his treasure

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  • It was like you and Sam picking out christmas trees. Too much to take in but having fun the whole time. He knew what size to get after trying to pick the big one first. He is sooooo smart and cute too.

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