Tulip Festival 2014

Thanksgiving Point Gardens is one of my favorite places to visit and every year they have an amazing Tulip Festival. My idea of enjoying the flowers involves stopping to take hundreds of pictures, however, this is not James’ idea of a great time. We compromise. I take only about a hundred and he gets to run around a lot and smell the ones he thinks look the most interesting.

The sweetest of faces
 This year, we were joined by my friend, Kerri C. and her adorable girls, Gracie, Mads, and Mils. While there, James and Gracie decided to get married, chose a date (June 3), and posed for an engagement picture. They grow up so fast!
How cute are they?!
Gracie, James, and Mads taking it all in
The rest of the post will mostly be pictures of flowers, with one more picture of James thrown in to keep you scrolling through them. Enjoy!
How many more pictures of flowers do we have to have?