We’re Going to the Fair…

Even though we have lived here for more than seven years, and we love the fair, we had never gone to the Utah State Fair. So, this year, we decided to take the plunge. James is old enough now to really enjoy it and he was thrilled to see what it was all about. We were joined by our friends Bronze, Symoni, and Mirai. 
Love that James looks like he should be “Wanted”. Hilarious!
The kids had such a great time checking out all of the animals in the livestock areas and there was a little pond where they could fish until they caught something. James had never gone fishing before, so he was pretty excited. 
Getting a little help from a professional
Look at the size of that catch! 
 Mirai agreed to “touch” the fish
This fair is a small fraction of the size of the Florida State Fair, but there were still plenty of fun things to do. And fair food. Yay, footlong corn dogs and elephant ears! We took the kids on the ferris wheel and then they chose one other ride. Some spinning sort of a ride. Chris was the only adult willing to endure that, so thanks, Chris!
Bronze got this great shot of them laughing. So sweet!
Sunset view of the fair from the ferris wheel
Beautiful Salt Lake City from the ferris wheel