Oh Lasagna, how do I love thee…

GrandPoppa Pelt is a fantastic cook and his lasagna is world-famous (at least it is in my world)! Living in Utah has significantly reduced the number of times we get to enjoy this spectacular dish, and as such, I requested the recipe from him so that I could attempt to make it for us. The first effort was tasty, but there was definitely room for improvement, however, GrandPoppa Pelt was suitably impressed enough at my pathetic effort to reward me with my very own lasagna pan! Yay!
So, I bravely decided to have another go, and even braver yet, I offered to share it with our neighbors/friends next door… or are they the brave ones for agreeing to eat it? Either way, we all had dinner together and, after some wine and prompting, they said it was delicious. I love it when my friends play along.

 Here it is in its own pan. Isn’t it pretty?
Mirai watches as James shovels it in.