Springtime Weddings & A Big Boat

Two of our closest friends, Dave & Larcy, tied the knot in April and we were thrilled to be invited to their wedding celebration on a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas. James was excited to celebrate two “firsts” for him– first time on a cruise ship, and first time in a wedding party, as he was the ringbearer! 
I was also honored to be selected as the photographer for the official church ceremony that took place before the cruise “ceremony”. They wanted to be married in the Catholic church and chose to have a very small wedding of only family beforehand and save the big celebration for the cruise ship. The cruise took place over the weekend of Chris’s birthday, so we also got to celebrate him as well. (I’m always happy to celebrate him. He’s amazing!)
The beautiful trees in our backyard made a pretty great location for pictures of just the bride and groom.
The church ceremony was simple and intimate, and such a lovely celebration of their commitment to each other.
Cruise time! Due to the spread of the Zika virus throughout the Caribbean, I was advised by my doctor to stay on the boat and not to go ashore at all to avoid any potential mosquito bites and subsequent risk of birth defects to the baby. While I was disappointed not to get to enjoy any beach time, it was still better than not being able to go on the cruise at all. The other bummer happened when Chris’s phone (which we used for a lot of our pictures) did not remain as waterproof as expected in its waterproof case and bit the dust in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. You’ll just have to trust us that we had a good time. 
James made friends with another guest of the wedding on our bus ride over to the port,
sharing his iPad and headphones. They had a great time together all weekend!
Hanging with Unca Dave in his “Official Ringbearer” shirt.
Checking out the porthole in our room. 
James was a big fan of the fold-down bunk bed and ladder that were his for our trip.
As close as I got to Nassau. Rumor is that I didn’t miss much. 
James checks out a luxury yacht docked in Nassau. 
While everyone else was ashore, the water slide was his for enjoying! 
Chris took James ashore on the cruise line’s private island for some fun beach time. It looked lovely.
We have no pictures. This is where the phone died. 🙁 
The cruise wedding was great and the reception afterwards involved a lot of drinking and dancing and celebrating, which I was happy to spend photographing. Larcy’s Colombian heritage includes a fun “happy hour” during wedding parties that led to a pirate invasion complete with costumes and lots of pirate treasure. Good times!
Look at how handsome my guys are! 💖 
Dave and I have been friends since our days at UF. So grateful for this friendship!
Man, do I adore this kid! 
He took his ringbearing duties so seriously. We were so proud of him!
Even though there was a “wedding photographer”, I couldn’t help snapping at least one shot of the ceremony.
Making sure the ring is still there. So conscientious. 
Our boy has mad skills and was twirling her all over the dance floor. 
Then he dipped her! It was so adorable!!
The beaming bride! 
Pirate time!
The pirate bride and groom 
I LOVE how fierce this little one is!
A fearsome band of pirates. Look out! 
Notice the volume of necklaces our little Mr. T has stolen from the partygoers. Quite the pirate, indeed!
Congratulations, Dave and Larcy, and thanks so much for including us in your celebration! 
We love you guys!!