The Kids in April

Here is a sweet little post full of cute pictures of the kiddos in April. 
 There’s a rumor that Ellie looks a bit like her momma… 
Ellie at 6 months
Jill around 6 months old
Ellie hanging out with GrandPoppa.
James expands his cooking skills to include grilling.
Ellie loves this swing– and it’s conveniently located straps for chewing.
Love these little faces!
Little miss blue eyes.
Already the best of friends and playmates. 
James having a great time running through the sprinkler. 
Ellie spending some time with Grandpa.
Baby girl enjoying some snuggles with Dad. 
Teaching her how to use tools at a young age. Life skills!
Jotting down his inventions in his sketchbook. His mind never stops working and creating. 💗
Not a picture of the kids, but I love this one of Kim and me.
She took me to see Something Rotten for my birthday and it was awesome! Thanks, Kim!