December 2018, Part One

December is a notoriously busy month, and ours was no exception, so there will be two posts to cover this one. Of course, being “busy” spending time with our fantastic friends and family is one of the best ways we can think of to use our time. We are grateful to have all of you in our lives.
Me and my Jess at a cookie party.
Ellie loves Mellie and Ms. Kim
Ellie kept reaching out to touch the “baby” and kiss her. It was so sweet.
Me and my sweet boy at House of Blues to hear Uncle Matt.
Ellie hangs out with Papa at HOB.
James took a break from dancing at HOB to love on Mimi.
On December 6, we honored what would have been my mom’s 63rd birthday with a family day at Animal Kingdom. Miss her every day.
Taking in the Lion King show. Ellie was mesmerized the entire time.
Trying on some new Minnie ears.
The best big brother takes Els down the slide at the DinoLand playground.
Off they go, exploring the fun to be had.
Reading together is the best, even if you’re rocking pajamas and bedhead.
Taking his best girl for a spin in his sweet ride.
Sometimes we just like to hang out in our beautiful backyard together. And sometimes I take a lot of pictures while we do it.
I love this man with my whole heart.
Sewing is my second favorite hobby (after reading) and I was honored to be asked to create a couple gifts for friends to give as presents, as well as making gifts for some special people in my life.
I made these four dresses for the four beautiful C girls.
I finally finished the long-promised quilt for Kerri.
This one took longer because all the quilting you can see was done by hand, not by machine.
This dress was a gift for the niece of a friend.
Love the surprise detail on the back.
This more modern quilt was done for a friend to give as a gift.
Keeping the back simple.