A Spring Medley

Now that it’s fall, let’s look back at some fun times from this past spring.
We are not in Utah anymore.
A fantastic present from GrandPoppa for the kid who loves to dig in the dirt!
Working on his soccer skills.
Our sweet and strange Leo sleeps half under the dresser… Why??
James checks out the cars at the Roar Before the 24 in Daytona.
A gathering of Shenk boys at Daytona International Speedway;
like spotting an animal in its natural habitat.
Enjoying the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Fest in Tampa on Valentine’s Day
Practicing with his Christmas scooter
Walking the trail with some friends on a beautiful day!
Snuggling with Abuela, whom he just adores 
Rock’Em Sock’Em Robots with GrandPoppa. Good times!
Out for a morning run on the trail. So beautiful!
Love looking at the scenery on my run, this pond is just off the trail.
Celebrating 11 years since our first date with an evening at Epcot and an
incredibly delicious dinner at Le Cellier in Canada.
My sweet boy and our favorite dog.
Silly selfies with Grandpa Greg.
The really good one!!
James made a sign of what he loves about Chris for a video that Uncle Matt
was putting together. (MattShenk.com) So sweet!
Enjoying a date night at the Dr. Phillips Center to see Motown.
I really do love sunsets.
This is a sunrise, however, and I don’t see nearly as many of those.